Planning a Family History


This past weekend we celebrated my husband’s grandfathers 93rd birthday. All gathered around the table while papaw shared memories, stories and photos of his life, I began to wonder. .. Do people stop and embrace their family, friends and life experiences anymore or are we so caught up in work, ball practice, grocery shopping and PTA that we do not have the time to “reflect”? I too have been guilty of not “taking time to smell the roses” but as my husband and I plan our future and talk of having children, we wonder is there a way to balance time? To make a living history, so to speak, that when our children look back on their life that they too can recall all the special times at the lake, Christmas at Nana’s, movie night and family ties that helped us to remain strong as a family.

Our family is very close and we value each other more so today that ever. Unfortunately, I do not live as close to some of my family as I would like, so I learn to cherish the time that we can spend together. The birth of each new child or the important milestones in the lives of the people in our family proves that a family can be tied together, no matter how far apart you are. I can honestly say that when I was growing up, I never worried much whether or not I attended family functions. Wouldn’t there be another one in a few months anyway? Now, I take the time to go to these gatherings, with my camera in hand, knowing that I should take advantage of every opportunity to see my loved ones. People and things change so quickly and the years go by so fast. I want to capture these moments, the ones of watching the smiles on my nephew’s face as they open their Christmas gifts, the excitement on the face of a 93 year old man, who is still loving life no matter what his age. As our future children come into the world, I hope that my loved ones will do the same for me, treating every moment as important as the next and knowing that nothing is or ever will be as important as family. 

Teresa Wagoner

Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative


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