Be that inspiration!


While working with ACHMI’s Teen Advisory Board, I can see how much they are learning from me BUT also how much I am learning from them. The teen advisory board was originally created in order to use the research idea that peer mentoring is essential. I strongly believe in peer mentoring and am thankful for all the mentors I have had in my past. I had wonderful parents, but without the extra support and love I received from other mentors, I would have been left without some needed tools for my future.

I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to work with a group of teens to share my “wisdom” and experience with them. Teens in our society are starving for encouragement and someone to be their role model. Whether it is in their school career, professional career, or in their relationships, teens need someone to be that inspiration.

I encourage and CHALLENGE each of you to spend some time with a teen this week. Who knows…they might even teach you something!

The responsibility for creating a better world is up to each of us. Only we can help. Be that inspiration.


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