Where Can I Find A Good Man?


Have any of your friends asked you this question lately? Or maybe just in passing, you have heard women ask this question or talk about this issue. I know I have! Many of my single ladies have asked repeatedly. Well, I have some ideas. In my opinion, there are three places where men can be found regularly. These three places are also important to me and are places that I frequently attend.

One: The gym. The gym is a wonderful place to meet someone. Not only are you taking care of your health by getting a good work out in, but you know the other person cares for their physical health as well = something in common.

Two: The library. Education is very important to me. So, hopefully, if a man is at the library he is there to study. This would lead me to believe that his education is important to him also.

Three: Church. It doesn’t really matter what denomination you are. If you are attending a church of your choice, the likelihood that the man attending has the same religious affiliation is very high!

Ok, I do realize that my top three choices may not be your top three choices. So, now I challenge you to pick your top three choices of what is important to YOU! Research has shown that individuals actually prefer partners who are similar to themselves in personality and interests. Don’t try to change yourself to ‘fit’ your partner’s needs. Look for someone who has similar ‘top three places’ as you do!

Rachel Dawkins

Graduate Research Assistant

Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative


Botwin, M., Buss, D., & Shackelford, T. (1997). Personality and mate preferences: Five factors in mate selection and marital satisfaction. Journal of Personality, 65(1), 107-136. doi:10.1111/1467-6494.ep9709060970.


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