Roberta’s Rants & Raves Re Relationships


Roberta’s Rants and Raves Re Relationships

Our local newspaper does what local papers are supposed to do.  It covers community news with an emphasis on high school and college sports and features local newsmakers, civic group events and school children. Important national and international events occur but that’s for the big city papers to cover. Occasionally, there is an article or two about national or international events or a feature from the wire services.  There is no pattern to what is covered.  So, why I am about ranting about our local paper in an ACHMI blog?

The other Sunday, a half page article by Ashley Heher from the Associated Press on page 7A caught my eye, “Downturn dating: Hearts flutter as markets stutter.”  The rhyming ending was not the most poetic but it did get my attention. The interesting article states that dating has increased along with our economic woes. Two online matchmaking sites report increased membership and activity despite monthly fees of up to $60.  One organizer of a singles event in Chicago said “…people are reexamining their own values.”  She attributes this change to the fact that people have been so disappointed in the institutions that used to hold their trust. Gee, I grew up in the era when people believed, “What’s good for General Motors, is good for the USA.” Well, we know that is no longer true and has not stood the test of time.

What we do know is true and universal, because it comes from current research, is that there are core dimensions that are essential if you want a healthy and stable relationship, whether it is within marriage, a dating relationship, work or with friends. These universals, the foundations for every successful type of relationship, can be learned. We are not born knowing these skills, just like we are not born knowing arithmetic.  We have to learn relationship skills just like we have to learn the multiplication tables.

For many lines of work, one is required to earn continuing education credits. Isn’t making the most of your relationship or marriage as deserving of CEUs as your work?  After all, we don’t think twice about attending a work-related conference to learn about the latest trends or technology.  And relationship skills are no different. My hope is that the couples featured in Ms. Heher’s article, individuals who are now dating less superficially or using internet matching services to find their soul-mates, will attend a relationship skills class so there will be an inverse correlation between their relationships and the declining stock market.


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