Sweet Home Alabama………


Hello everyone!

I am Christiana Russell, the newest member of the ACHMI team. Unlike most of the team members I am not a student, I am not faculty…I am a staff member but in a different way – a Post Doctoral Research Fellow.

So how did I end up in Auburn? Well, let me briefly tell you my journey…….

There I was 2 years post graduation, working as a lecturer in the Department of Human Development and Family Science at The Ohio State University while waiting on my husband to finish his doctoral program in Political Science. I had this dream that we would go out into the job market together as a power team – 2 PhDs and some University would recognize our talents and offer us wonderful salaries to come! However, life just did not work out as perfectly as I hoped in my idealistic fantasy!

I had received 2 tenure track offers,  1 Post Doc offer and my husband had received 3 tenure track offers – all in various locations around the country- with one exception Auburn, AL.  A Post Doc for me and Tenure Track for my husband! So, what were we to do? Live separately and hope our children and marriage would survive? Or should I post pone my tenure track jobs and accept the Post Doc so we could be in the same city and live as a family unit?

After several weeks of agonizing deliberation my decision was made for me in one moment! I came home one night and saw my 8 year old and  then 2 month old asleep on the floor snuggled up next to their daddy as he lay watching television. A wealth of emotion came over me as I slid down next to my husband and as he put his arm around me, I laid my head on his shoulder and told him of my decision. He too was overcome with emotion as he tenderly kissed my forehead. He did not want me to have to make the sacrifice but it was one that I personally felt that I had to make!

Now, as part of this research project about healthy marriages and healthy relationships, through my own personal experience and what I have learned so far….I absolutely made the right choice! Looking at my 2 beautiful little girls so happy and healthy, my husband doing well in his career plus I am part of a great research team and gaining valuable experience and knowledge that will propel me to the next level in my academic career!

So I think I can say that I am home!

Stay tuned for the next chapter in my adventurous journey…………

Christiana Russell, PhD

Post Doctoral Research Fellow



One Response to “Sweet Home Alabama………”

  1. Charles Jackson Says:

    Welcome home Christiana. We are all family now.

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