Meet the Parents…Here I Come


Oh how I LOVE the holidays! Seriously, love them. My family does the holiday season with as much enthusiasm as we do birthdays (if you don’t remember, see my last blog)!

Don’t judge me, but I may already have my Christmas tree up with lights and all! To each his or HER own, right?

Some may think this is a bit much, but that is often me…a bit much. I tend to do things in BIG ways. I want to soak up all that life has to offer. I want to go and see. I want to do the things I love and be with the people who are special to me. Some call it passion. Some call it annoying.

Sure, this attitude has earned me the (loving) title of “The General” with my friends, and you can bet I have stuck my foot in my mouth more than once when I get worked up over someone or something important to me. I get it. I can admit it. I can be overwhelming.

This “passion” often serves me well to meet all my responsibilities in a given day as a therapist, full time student, research assistant, novice author, sister, daughter, and now….girlfriend.

BUT how will it serve me as I meet the folks? To tone it down or to be myself? That is the question, right? NOPE! This sweet guy knew what he was getting himself into when he invited me to his hometown for Thanksgiving. The real question is: How soon until we get there?!?!

“The General” side of me recently had a big epiphany, “Mallory, this is NOT about you!” (Maybe some of you other Generals have had this epiphany too!?). This trip is about seeing where he grew up, meeting the people he loves, and being immersed in the holidays (even if they celebrate in some way that is foreign to me).

Of course, I still have my fingers crossed that they appreciate my “passion,” but I am more excited to be part of something intimate and loving as a Thanksgiving dinner.

So, ready or not…here I come : )

Mallory Lucier, M.S., Graduate Research Assistant

Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative


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One Response to “Meet the Parents…Here I Come”

  1. Christiana Russell Says:


    I think they will love you! You have an energy that is contagious!

    P.S. I have my tree up also! lol……. (I actually have 4 trees!)

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