What Do You Want to Know About Relationships?


If you’re married or in a relationship (and seriously, who isn’t in some type of relationship – romance, friends, family, co-workers etc.?) you’re going to love what’s coming your way on our new, revived blog. We are talkin’ relationships – how to make them better; how to make your relationship what you want it to be; how to strengthen your marriage; how to understand your partner; how to understand yourself in a relationship; how to communicate; how to fight fair; and did we mention sex? Oh my goodness! Yes, we’re going to dish about all of these topics and much, much more.

We’re a diverse group of authors who will take turns posting here. We’ve got four great professors from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Auburn University; we’ve got graduate students fromt the same department who bring their own unique perspective on relationships; and we’ve got the staff of the Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative (ACHMI) who come from many backgrounds, but share a uniting theme of caring about healthy relationships.

We’re going to give your our opinions, laced with a little research, common sense, and maybe just a tad of controversy. Why are we doing this? Because we believe that healthy relationships and happy marriages  make a huge difference for everyone.

So check back often, join the dialogue, make comments and help us get the word out about healthy relationships and happy marriages. What do you want to know about relationships? Leave a comment.



One Response to “What Do You Want to Know About Relationships?”

  1. uriel Says:

    That what I’m thinkin’!

    Read and leave something to read!

    Be involve and let others to be awakened from a simple whisper!


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