Relationship Smarts Plus Seminar





Relationship Smarts Plus Seminar

Relationship Smarts Plus





On Wednesday and Thursday of this week Dr. Jennifer Kerpelman and Dr. Francesca Adler-Baeder hosted a Relationship Smarts Plus seminar at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center. Marriage educators from across the state came to learn new ways on how to teach preteens through young adults about healthy relationships.

This course offers the practical guidance that teens crave for building relationships that are not based on sex. Relationship Smarts Plus” covers subjects such as attraction, infatuation, rejection, falling in love, emotions and breaking up. Students also learn specific dating skills: what to say and do in the early stages, how to get to know someone, how to assess a relationship and avoid attachment to problem people. This unit is designed for schools, youth agencies, clubs and faith based organizations.


One Response to “Relationship Smarts Plus Seminar”

  1. Angie Morrison Says:

    When is the next Relationship Smarts seminar/training?

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